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What do you think?


Should we do month long retreats?

What’d you think of the month long health retreat idea for Be Free Of Type2D?

I really want to know.

Email me and give me your thoughts.

And feel free to ask any burning questions you might still have about how to reverse your Type2Diabetes. I’d love to read them and maybe answer them in an upcoming video.

One question people have been asking me is where can I get the shakes for the diet?

The answer is coming. With a special thank you.

As I am organising a discount promo code for you from the producers - all hopefully for over the weekend or next week.

The product has sold so well they have run out! Which is great as hopefully this means LOTS of people with Type2Diabetes know they can reverse it themselves.

It's time to take our health BACK into our own hands.

Which reminds me - the retreats. I wanted to do what we did on the #FastFixDiabetes show and take people away for a month. As this is how I turned my health around...

What's your thoughts?

Would you rather do a month or a week?

Email me back on with your answer and any questions.

Or comment below :)

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